Welcome, Beautiful People

I am extremely excited for the start of this page.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time now, and finally, something pushed me to do it!  During my time in high school, I was one to compliment people.  But it wasn’t mainly on physical appearances, but more on the beauty that I saw from within.  I believe that God has always guided me and one day I told somebody, “You are the beautiful – inside and out.  Don’t change a thing.”  And from there, I started noticing that I was saying it to others.  From there, I started a “beautiful peoples” club.  I believe that everybody is truly beautiful all around.  Even if we don’t see it, we are!

Everybody goes through dark times in their lives and I want to express my strength, admiration, love, faith, and kindness to others.  I am here today to bring people together for whatever it is that they need.  A couple years back, I had started an email chain that was specifically for prayer requests.  Unfortunately, school got overwhelming and I never went back.  But now, I am here to make it more official.  If anybody has a prayer intention, any testimonies or stories, inspirational photos or sayings, please don’t hesitate to share!  This is where beautiful people can come together and be themselves.

Today is the day – where we can make a beautiful change and be there for others.  We are all united as one – with God, all things are possible!